Dear Parents, 

Welcome to the Ballet Program at SCDA. Thank you for joining us in the building of this program. We aim to provide our students ballet classes of the highest quality. I will be sharing with them my knowledge and expertise in the field in a caring environment. This program seeks to build discipline, creativity, technique, and confidence in students. I am looking forward to seeing this program grow with your help. 

Patrice Del Mundo

Ballet Instructor  

NOTE: Level placement is at the discretion of the ballet instructor. Factors that are involved in the placement are age, experience, and ability to perform the given syllabus. Placement exams are given every Saturday from 10-11 AM.





AGES 3-5 years old

This is an introductory class taken before students have a traditional class with full barre and center exercises. It is a perfect course for children who have no experience in dance. The main objectives of this level is to introduce rhythm and musicality. We find that this is an ideal stage to set the foundations of classical ballet. Therefore, students in this class will also be performing exercises that will improve their flexibility. 



AGES 5-10
This level is when traditional ballet classes are introduced. Students who have taken ballet classes before are usually placed into this level. A regular class starts with pre-barre, parallel to the barre and center exercises. The main objective is to start developing proper alignment which involves having a straight back, relaxed shoulders, turned out legs, and properly-pointed feet. Students at this stage, therefore, are expected to be patient and disciplined. Variations that involve miming are also part of the syllabus.